Miley Cyrus Registers Her Trademark in the Metaverse for a New Venture


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Miley Cyrus, actress and songstress at large, has registered her name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO). This is so she can use her trademark in the metaverse and blockchain-related projects.

In the music world, Miley Cyrus is undoubtedly a world-renowned artist. She has more than 35 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Miley seems to be taking a new step in her career by registering her name in the metaverse.

The news was shared by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis. Through his personal Twitter account, Kondoudis details that Cyrus has registered her name in clothing, entertainment services, virtual currency management software, apparel, footwear and virtual sporting goods.

Officially, the brands are registered under serial numbers 97551201 and 97551195.

Miley Cyrus, Gucci and Roblox

In May 2022, Italian luxury brand Gucci launched its own metaverse called Gucci Town on Roblox. In August, Miley Cyrus was the first guest artist in this virtual space. She pitched in to promote the launch of Flora perfume from the Gucci Beauty line.

As a Gucci ambassador, the artist leads user engagement in challenges, games and interactive learning experiences.

Gucci Town was launched with the purpose of offering a virtual space in line with the company’s vision regarding the metaverse and Web3 .

In the same month of May, the brand announced that it will start receiving payments via 12 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin ( BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and stablecoins.

The president of Gucci, Marco Bizzarri, said: “Gucci is always looking to embrace new technologies when they can provide a better experience for our customers. Now that we can integrate cryptocurrencies into our payment system, it’s a natural evolution for customers who want to have this option available to them.”

While the payment method is only valid for stores in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Las Vegas, purchases can be made via a QR code via email or directly at retail stores.


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