Even During Volatility, New Talent is Needed to Build Web3


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Recruitment is on everyone’s lips during the crypto winter. Everyone needs to take time to understand the opportunities that Web3 and the blockchain industry still present. These opportunities can help software developers pursue impactful careers working on revolutionary projects, says Olga Kupchevskaya, VP of R&D at MEW.

Though crypto markets continue to be volatile and uncertain, most industry experts remain unphased by the inevitable price fluctuations. They aim to look at the bigger picture by bringing in new talent to help build for the future.

Apple, Airbnb, Netflix and even Ethereum were all born out of economic downturns. During my time working in Ethereum, I’ve watched NFT platforms like OpenSea and Rarible build while the NFT markets were being overlooked.

Those quiet periods caused by market downturns are an opportunity to learn from other innovators. It is a time to focus on creating bigger and better solutions, ones that build out the infrastructure to deliver what Web3 promises.

According to a LinkedIn survey from 2020-2021, it revealed a 400% growth in jobs related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. With the crypto job market accelerating, there is an opportunity to refocus the lens on education and provide the proper resources. This will allow young professionals to learn how to shape the next big platforms and protocols. Here’s why that mindset is essential for moving the industry forward.

Recruitment: Building the next generation of leaders

If we want to have professionals in tech who can help guide Web3 development, then we need to empower them early. Blockchain presents a new path forward for those interested in not only developer and computer engineering roles, but also positions in marketing and finance. This is because Web3 is creating an entire ecosystem by becoming more accessible in the everyday lives of more than five billion internet users around the world.

There are no barriers to entering the crypto job market – as long as you’re a person. No matter your gender, ethnicity or race, anyone has the opportunity to utilize and develop platforms focused on NFTs, DAOs, financial tools, metaverse gaming and even remote work. At the end of the day, with a decentralized platform, we should have a decentralized industry. With the potential to decentralize any digital platform, there’s room to build the future of the digital world.

We must empower younger generations

People often avoid entering unfamiliar industries like crypto because they haven’t had any exposure to blockchain technology education. To instill confidence in young professionals and to pique their interest in the Web3 community, we, as industry experts, must communicate the accessibility and opportunity the blockchain industry has to offer.

Recruitment: Advice to anyone starting in crypto and educators

Web3 industries, like crypto, provide ample opportunity to be independent in building out your personal wealth. You can explore what works for you and what doesn’t. This is unlike traditional financial banking with its long-standing practices that block off wealth building opportunities from millions. For me, that creates an opportunity for anyone at any level to get involved. Start small and learn by doing.

Web3 is being built by a generation who have learned through trial-and-error, by helping each other through YouTube content and Reddit forums. For yourself or for educators, create spaces to allow for exploration of Web3. Then ask what else could it do to further democratize our digital experience.

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Succeeding in this industry requires you to educate yourself on the concepts of Web3. You need to understand how you can access and create your own identities in the digital space. Then you can empower yourself to dive right in and invest time, money or skills into building something on the blockchain.

Web3 needs to be adopted by leaders and educators, so they can shepherd the next generation into developing their digital futures. Giving everyone a chance to try and engage with what is being developed on blockchains and in the Metaverse will inspire new developers and thinkers to build bigger.

With the proper education and mentorship from current executives in the space, we can help young professionals emerge as future leaders of Web3. The market will continue to be volatile and unpredictable, but our industry doesn’t have to be. Instead, it can be inclusive, stable and a welcome place for the next generation of great minds.

About the author

Olga Kupchevskaya is the VP of R&D at MyEtherWallet (MEW). She has a strong passion for learning and innovation, which led her to complete a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and choose blockchain scalability solutions as the focus of her research. In her role at MEW she oversees research, development, and production of software products ranging from Ethereum blockchain data tools, like blockchain explorers, to cryptocurrency management applications.

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