BNB Chains Seeks To Employ 30k Developers From United States


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Several activities are taking place in the crypto industry amid the current market situation. One of such activities is the recent development of the BNB chain. This digital network is in the pipeline to raise additional developers in charge of web3 development.

A Brief On BNB

Binance Coin (BNB) is a renowned digital currency developed and managed by the known crypto exchange, Binance. The development of the digital token was backed up by Platzi, a Latin America-driven education platform.

The digital coin was created in July 2017 and was launched with an ICO (initial coin offering). At the time, the token had about 200 million BNB coins, which the firm split into parts for specific organizations.

In the second half of 2022, the crypto exchange platform became the largest worldwide. At the time, its volume was up to $7.6 billion.

Initially, the Binance coin was not a stand-alone network. Instead, it operated under the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, the ERC 20 standard.

Ethereum trades above $1,800 on the chart | Source: ETHUSDT on

Currently, the digital token operates under its blockchain called the Binance chain network. Also, several investors and traders in the crypto industry use BNB tokens for different transactions.

The New Development Of The BNB Chain

Recently, the development parties of the crypto network have announced a new development based on the blockchain. This has to do with introducing a regional web3 course. The idea here is to create more accessible access to the course, making it reachable to 30,000 participants before the year runs out.

One of the course’s main objectives is to expand developers’ skills. Binance Chain investment director, Gwendolyn Regina, cited this in an interview with our source.

This course is essential given that several users of digital currencies still lack an adequate understanding of the technology. A survey from Motley Fool revealed the responses from certain users of the technology. According to the survey, about 10% of the respondents admitted that they do not understand the technology operations.

This sort of report and more are the main push for the development of the course. Moreover, Regina cited that education and accessibility are significant barriers to entrance regarding blockchain technology. The course development aims to increase the technology’s broader adoption.

There are certain regions where crypto development is of great necessity. For example, Latin America can use this opportunity to develop its local population.

To this effect, the course will get across to such areas to empower the residents with the knowledge of blockchain technology. In addition, this education will benefit the natives’ financial and traditional institutions.

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